Fresh is best

Frozen, fresh, raw, canned, dehydrated?

Fresh – high in nutrients, retains water content and water soluble vitamins.
Canned – chemically modified, processing added including artificial ingredients (‘food acid’ xxx), least nutrients
Dehydrated – retains partial nutrient quality however is missing water. Our bodies LOVE water, it flushes our insides and makes us look bright and alive.
Frozen – the next best thing apart from fresh. Look for 100%, organic and no added ingredients
Steamed – again, next best thing apart from raw. Careful to LIGHTLY steam to make sure the enzymes are still in tact, if possible

Winner: RAW! Food is natural, free from chemicals and enzymes are retained (particles that break down the food are still there, that means your body can actually absorb the nutrients you’re eating), no artificial ingredients as long as its organic.

Best raw food recipes:
Vegetarian salads,
Smoothies with raw eggs,
Anything from the millions of raw food blogs around the world.

I recommend:
This is by a mod friend of mine Natasha, the recipes are ridic. Try the brownies 😍
Karen Luvs life
Not a mod friend of mine but the recipes are amazing, I wish I knew this lady.
the raw model
This girl looks amazing and her food is outstanding !

Enjoy xx


Magnificent magnesium

Muscle soreness.

We all experience it at some point – big training day, extended dance session, sex marathon.

Whatever your reason, if you’re modelling, taking a day off sometimes isn’t an option. Eg. Last year I had two weeks of lingerie showings – I had to be as lean as I could.

So my friend magnesium helps with muscle recovery, which therefore helps me train harder and more consistently.

Happy model, happy booker, happy client.

Take a walk pal

How many times do you read articles on models that asks their fitness regime and it says ‘I walk everywhere’?


All the time.

It’s the lifestyle – castings are all over the place and walking there will probably helps us book the job.

It’s not hard to do, you don’t have to walk for hours, just choosing to walk instead of drive / public transport gives your body an opportunity to improve its fitness in a very easy, simple way.

Make walking your default transport of places up to 30 minutes. Find a good playlist. Find a good blog.

I dare you. 2 weeks. See the difference.


Superstar salmon

This tasty fish, personally preferred smoked with fresh avocado, is a wonderful inclusion for mod life diet.

Stupidly high in omega 3 three, this will reduce inflammation (shoots and scars aren’t friends), helps mood, memory and cognition and tastes ridic.

It’s high in protein too – perfect for lean ‘model type’ muscles.

My favourite way to enjoy ?

On a mezze plate, smoked salmon roll ups filled with a slice of avocado and pine nuts.


Silica for silky hair

Models seem to have these ridiculously thick, silky manes of hair on top of their super toned frames.


If there’s one supplement taken by basically all my model girlfriends, it’s silica.

It basically helps you look young, fresh and alive through what it does in the body. If you want to know more, look it up. I’m not here to give you a nutrition lecture. I’m here to tell you what models do to be babes. So there you go.

Like anything though – don’t expect results over night. Three months minimum. Let us know results.

Silky love x

Cool Carrot Soup

Sometimes I impress myself.

Last night, my inner masterchef came through in the depths of exhaustion.

After a massive day casting, I wanted nothing more than to curl up on my couch and fall asleep. Cue soup craving.

This thick carrot soup challenges pumpkin soup – I know, yeah I said that!! Try it, see what you think.

Of course, it’s grain / dairy / sugar free, paleo and delicious as anything.

Recipe – all organic.
3 carrots
1/2 onion
Spoonful of minced garlic
Cube of chicken stock
500ml water – to preferred consistency

Cut, cook, blend, enjoy.


Russian Twists for sexy Russian Abs

Russian twists.


You know, laying on an exercise mat, ankles and knees locked together and extended, abs braced so you look like a wide version of the letter V. If you’re advanced, you’ll be holding a medicine ball.

Ever wonder how models get that V between hips and pelvis? This is part of it. This exercise develops your core strength, and as you twist your shoulders from side to side, you work your obliques – meaning your waist is toned. Meaning next time you visit your agency and they take measurements, you won’t be ready to jump out the window.

Always a plus.

High reps, low weights, as always ladies.